As a graduating student in the Liberal Studies Bachelor of Arts program at Capilano University I’ve completed my graduating project in the field of feminist cultural studies. I’ve always been interested in how popular culture, specifically music, not only reflects the accepted values and attitudes of a given culture, but what capacity it holds to be influential in altering the society it permeates. I utilized the work and lives of Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, and Ani DiFranco as a lens through which to examine this reciprocal relationship and trace the chancing roles of women and accepted enactments of femininity through history starting in 1968.

This blog is a platform for displaying the research I’ve compiled over three tutorials and my graduating project. I’ve worked with different professors from different faculties: Laurel Whitney: Women’s and Gender Studies and Sociology,  Dr. Andrea Westcott: English and Women’s and Gender Studies, Reg Johanson: English, and my graduating project  was overseen by  musicologist Maureen Bracewell of the Anthropology and Women’s and Gender Studies faculties.

I’ve written mini essays outlining my personal relationship with the artist, a historical/cultural background of the period in their careers I discuss, a lyrical analysis, and a feminist deconstruction of their careers. Each essay can be read by opening a link with the associated musicians picture displayed on it. The “Listen” icon will allow you to sample the songs I’ve cited and some of my favorites. There are hyperlinks embedded in the essays themselves to direct to relevant material.



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